Grill cracking

by James

Hello, I have noticed that the Grill on my catering trailer is starting to crack and the paint is just flaking away. Is there any way to treat this as I am constantly scraping black charcoal off it at the moment and dont want to have to buy a new grill.


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Jun 14, 2019
Griddle stone
by: Anonymous

You need to get a griddle stone

Mar 10, 2010
Cracking Grill
by: David

Hi James,

I have to say that my first catering van suffered from this problem.I thinks it the amount of oil that is used when cooking and also the natural oil and greese released from the food while cooking.

I did not manage to solve this problem, I used to scrape the griddle every couple of weeks to get the black carbon off.It's a bit messy but you can still continue to use the griddle once you have done this.

If you don't do this regularly you find that little bits will come off when you are cooking, whcih is not the best thing

Hope this helps


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