Generator Size For Kettle or Hot Water Urn?

by Sharon
(Newcastle upon Tyne)

I have it suggested that I should use a generator and hot water urn for my pop up tea room rather than the gas I have been using (this is to get round having a gas safety certificate).

The person from the council seems to think that I can get a generator for £100, and thats what other similar businesses use. However the hot water urn I have takes 1600w to boil and keeps hot on 150w. So the generator I would need would be large one, that is noisy and expensive? Kind of like this one?

And am I right in thinking that a kettle would take even more power?

Thanks for any advice


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Nov 28, 2014
by: steve

I agree with Brian, get a gas certificate for your urn. Generators are very noisy and will turn off customers, they cost a fortune in fuel also.
Best of luck with it.

Apr 21, 2014
Generator Size For Kettle
by: Brain

Hi Sharon,

Kettles are generally 2000watts, the overwhelming majority of caterers use LPG gas fired appliances - because of cost and compact energy capacity far outweigh any disadvantages of needing a gas certificate?

Generators have ground contamination issues when run on petrol/diesel, most events require LPG gas fuelled generators. Useless you have access to a mains hook up gas will is the preferred and least costly option.

Hope that helps


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