Gas Safety Certificate Crepe Gazebo Business

by Kev

Hi this is probably a dumb question but keep getting different advice what it is I am in the process of setting up a crepe stall based in a gazebo my question is I have 2 gas crepe makers, i have read one bottle per installation does that mean i need 2 gas canisters and if so do i need a gas certificate or can i use a T connector and one bottle and would i need a gas certificate.

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Apr 17, 2019
Crepe gas bottle size
by: Anonymous

You do NOT need a gas cert for some outside catering eg field kitchen, barbecue, Griddle however the council can still close you down if they think you are a danger to the public, with reference to your gas situation you will need to satisfy the demand made by your burners eg how many KW combined burners x2 I would have thaught a 19 kg bottle would last quite a time you can use a t connection from one bottle but there are protocols to be followed, AT THIS POINT as our other contributor said you would benefit from a gas engineer with correct qualifications, if only to put you on the correct side of council inspectors

Best wishes

And good luck KC

Mar 19, 2019
LPG Mobile Catering Enginner
by: David-

Under all circumstances, you need a gas safety certificate if you sell or give away food for charity, as laid down by the HSE and outlined in their advice leaflets.

You will need appropriately sized cylinders, regulator (fitted with an OPSO safety device) and pipework tailored to the power of the appliances, for two appliances with the gas cylinders sited 1m from the gazebo side (as required by UKLPG code 24 pt3) this is likely to be a larger diameter pipe than orange 8mm hose.

The appliance will need to be mounted on a non-combustible base, eg not a plastic bench or table.

Find a gas engineer with with some experience of market and event kitchens to set this up and certify it for you.

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