Freelance Writer Stay at Home Mom

by Eli J. B.

Freelance writer from home

Freelance writer from home

Hi, just call me Eli. I am a stay at home with five daughters. I am homeschooling my children. I chose to be a full time homemaker because I have seen the need to look after my own children and in connection with the kind of work my husband has.

My husband is an agriculture technician and he travels a lot. He always brings us along wherever he goes. He is assigned to different countries for years, so he never wanted to leave us on our own here in the Philippines. He is a very considerate and caring husband and I am happy with him.

My husband is a good provider and I do not wish for anything more. Somehow, there are times that financial needs come unexpectedly and his salary is not enough to meet our needs. So I decided to find work in the internet.

I researched for days and even started my own blog site but things are not as easy as one would think. There were times I almost fell to scams. Fortunately, I checked on reviews and forums first to make sure that they are legitimate working opportunities.

One day, I bumped into a blog of a stay at home mom. There she mentioned that she was very busy finishing her assignments in odesk. I checked on the site right away and read their policies. Then I registered after I made sure that they are reliable. It is good that they are totally legitimate and trustworthy when it comes to payment and worker support. Now, I am working as one of their providers.

If ever you want to work as a freelance writer online, you better make sure that you have enough knowledge on writing. If needed, study for grammars, spelling, sentence structure and proper punctuations again. Also, learn well on how to produce quality articles in different niches.

Check on the companies’ online before registering. There are a lot out there but not all are legitimate. Check on those with free registration and read their terms of agreement before you sign up to avoid problems in the future. Some might have hidden fees that you missed for not reading them.

You must, also, schedule your time well. Your priority is your family. You might fall to clients that are insistent and with strict deadlines. Also, applying to a lot of work advertisements is very tempting; so try those that you are really capable of finishing without sacrificing your family time.
In applying for job assignments, apply to topics you are familiar with. Read the help guides and blogs provided to help you land an interview and be accepted.

Do not be greedy in bidding. If you need to give one article or give in charity work then do it. This is a plus to you for future jobs. Do not bid too much for this might become your folly for not landing a job. Rather, study more on your work assignment and produce quality results. Those things what matter most.

Be sincere in everything you do. Do not plagiarize and communicate honestly with your client. A lot of them are very understanding as long as you tell them your problem with your assignment. Do not be afraid to ask if you need clarification. A lot of clients out there will remember and hire you again if they have seen that you are a good worker.

Just be truthful, give your best and do not expect too much. There are times your income are not as big as you wish but it is still money and reflects your hard work. In fact, with this kind of job, I gained more knowledge than with cash. I became more mindful with work and family time. My writing skill has improved dramatically. My knowledge on other points like journalism, email ethics, search engine optimization, keywords and more has increased.

Now, I am confident that I can do this kind of job and I can encourage others to do the same because I have done it.

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Feb 16, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hello Elli,
This is very encouraging. I just lost my job and with two small schoolchildren I cannot find a job that allows my to pick them up. I have been looking for homebased job which does not envolved saling from door to door, because I am a very shy person.

How did you start with oDesk and how long did it take to get yourself a steady job flow ?

I would appreciate any advice. My email is

Thank you

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