Food Trailer Business Outside Pet Shop Business?

by Peter


I am a pet shop owner with a 15 yr lease.

We have an 18ft by 16ft forecourt off the pavement Inc in our boundary. I want to set up a catering trailer instead of parking my van outside my shop.

I wrote to Camden council who have replied saying that I would need planning permission?

They also said it would be highly unlikely to get this outside a pet shop as it does not compliment the business.

Is this correct or are they talking about a fixed or semi fixed kiosk.I really would like to set up this food trailer as it would probably do well.

It would be left at the site. Hope you can clarify the law for me. The aim is to provide teas, coffees and some very high quality foods outside my busy pet centre (probably the nicest pet centre in London)

To supply my staff and customers with food and drink. Also to cater for locals who go to nearby expensive coffee shops, supermarkets etc.

There is local competition but the site is not next to any of them and may prove to be a more convenient location to obtain a decent drink at a decent price.

As for food we can't decide, it could be the patisserie type croissants /quality burgers, as well we thought salt beef bar on weekend with all the usual bits.

The other easy option if I do not need planning is to rent out the site for a weekly sum!

Thanks for your time and thoughts

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Jun 21, 2011
Planning Permission For Mobile Catering Trailer Business
by: David

Hello There,

I am not qualified to give you a legal solution, but from experience,

If you plan to launch a new business you will have to apply for planning permission and fill out a planning application.

The council and others will look at all aspects of the proposed business and make a decision on their findings: They may also consider the following amongst other things: how it will affect the local residents, businesses, parking, cooking smells, waste and so on.

Other food related business owners may also object due to the fact that you will now be competing with them, since you plan to sell and cook food.

Also because you already have an established pet shop business which is not related to food, there may be a food and hygiene related problem, even though they will both be separate businesses.

This is some of the details that the council will have to consider when looking into your application.

I am not saying that you should not go forward with this enterprise; just consider everything so that you are well prepared to make an informed decision.

Hope this helps Peter

Best of luck and keep us updated


p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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