by kenny

should I be aware of doing my food hygiene course online. It's a lot cheaper then what the council want for the same course... any advice please

many thanks



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Apr 20, 2014
Online Course
by: John

I used Virtual College for my Food Hygiene Certificate. A copy of my certificate is stored on your log in should you need to reprint it. I chose the cheap option of printing my own out & I paid £18 inc. vat. It is £30 if you want them to send you the certificate.
Well worth it as you can do the course at YOUR pace & there is no pressure to rush through it to take the exam at the end. Highly Recommended.

Sep 11, 2009
Online food hygiene
by: Anonymous

Hi Kenny,

I recently started a factory job that required me to have a food hygiene certificate. I had a quick look online and found a good one at was easy to use and only cost £30, did the job for me.



Sep 10, 2009
Online Food and Hygiene Course ?
by: Anonymous

Hi Kenny,

I can't be of much help here as I attended a course with a tutor.

Maybe someone else here can commet, or to be on the safe side take the course through the coucil.As they will have records if you loose your certificate.

This happened to me and I was able to get a duplicate, so maybe just check to see that the online course have the same procedures.

Best of luck


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