Financing - Loan For Short Term

by Barbara

Hello, I am just about to look at a van next week. Ideal situation, secure site and although I haven't looked at the books yet - I need to arm myself and be prepared to purchase it.

My dilemma - I'm still in full time employment until I get made redundant end of March and as I've been with my company for a number of years I get a decent pay off so I don't want to lose this.

I would like to use some of my pay off to buy this business. But until I get it where can I get a short term loan from - does anyone know?

I didn't fancy getting a long term loan as if I pay it off early I would have to incur penalties, but then again with a short term loan would I be able to pay that each month until I get my pay out?

Decisions, decisions but first I need to know where or who to approach.
Can anyone advise please? I am following my dream - nothing ventured nothing gained.
Don't want to go to my grave within - if only Id.........

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Jan 11, 2011
Short Term Loan Ideas
by: David

Hi there,

I understand your dilemma,

Do you have access to a bank overdraft facility which you may be able to use on a temporary basis until your redundancy comes through? It may be worth taking to your bank about it

Failing that why not try looking on website as they may help find you a lender which can help you with your short term financial problem

Best of luck


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