Extra Money Deliver Local Directories All Year Round

by Sheila

Yellow pages

Yellow pages

This is for anyone looking to earn some extra money over Christmas or through the Year and it’s is something that I do regularly all year round. You do need use of a car or a small van to collect and deliver local telephone directories including yellow pages, phone books and other catalogues. No experience is needed and as long as you are fit and healthy you will have no problems with doing the work.

What it involves: Collecting books and delivering to each person’s door usually a few roads delivering from 500-700 books

Work Your Own Hours: Once you collect your books you can deliver them any time that is suited to you, but you do get a time limit of a week or 2 before it has to be completed.

Tips –

1. You will find it helpful if you can get your hands on a small trolley to place the books on as some of the books that need to be delivered are quite heavy. The use of a trolley will definitely help your back and using a trolley will also save you from making unnecessary runs back and forth to your vehicle.

2. Also depending on where you are delivering the books, try and arrive when most people have left for work, ideally this will be in the morning and by doing this you will find that there is ample parking space. Now, if you tried going really early in the morning or in the evening you might find parking to be a problem.

3. Delivering to tower block, flats etc – best time is during the morning as you should be able to use trade entrance bell which is on most intercoms. After a certain time in the morning (11-12am), you will have to buzz a home owner or ask someone to open the main door to get access to a block of flats.

Payment: You will need a bank account to pay your earnings into or a way to cash your cheque since there are no cash payments. I have never had any problems getting paid and I have been doing this for 4 years now.

Please be aware that you are self employed and are responsible for your tax and national insurance contributions so try and keep some records or seek advice

How much: You can earn from £50- £80 on one delivery some people deliver all year round and earn good money from it. But I choose to do it every few months as it helps with extra money for holidays, Xmas and bills.

When I pick up books many people turn up in their little cars, mums, after dropping kids to school, elderly people wanting to earn some extra - in fact people of all types and ages are delivering books. Anyway I hope this information helps somebody out as it’s helped me out quite a few times.

Contact Information: Visit their web site Deya for more information and see if you can get some delivery work near where to you live they cover most of the UK

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