Establish a Pitch at the End of a Cul-de-sac?

by David
(Leeds, Yorkshire, uk)


I have found a fantastic pitch in Leeds City centre, it is at the end of a service road and it has single yellow lines along it's entirety.
Would the council let me park would not block other vehicles as it is at the end of the road. Leeds is looking for artisan street food and we are propose to sell gourmet burgers and sausages from around the world.



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Sep 21, 2015
Pitch At End Of Cul-de-sac
by: David

Hi David,

You will need to contact the local council and speak with them, but generally they will not allow you trade unless it’s a designated trading area or on private land.

If you do decide to trade on private land, make sure you get this in writing from the landowner. You may also be required to apply for planning permission for a change of use, since this land will now have a different use.

By what you have described this is a public road with yellow lines and probably does not have the right lawful use for you to trade on. Try and search the local area for a private landlord, or maybe approach a business that has the space to rent out to you. This will probably be your best route to market. Gourmet burger sound great by the way.

Hope this help.


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