Electrics and Fidges for Mobile Catering

by Zelig
(West Yorks)

Hello folks - just starting out planning a mobile food van. My question is around fridges and electrics: - can I use a normal household fridge or are there specialist fridges for vans?

Second part of my question is about voltage - if it's a normal household fridge that needs to be powered at 240V - right? Can this voltage be supplied by a mobile generator?

Is there a way of powering the fridge from the van's electrics when the generator is off whilst the van is moving?

I will also need to power lights and maybe a water heater: will 3 - 4 kVA cover it?

regards, Zelige

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Feb 12, 2011
Mobile Catering Power Source
by: David

Hi Zelige,

You can use normal house hold fridges in your catering trailer that run on electricity. But you would be better off using a LPG gas fridge/freezer. As it does not require a generator and in some instances is more economical to run than a petrol/diesel generator.
More info on Gas Fridges

With regards to your second question – yes a 4-5 K generator will cover the fridge and lights so no problems there. As for powering the fridge while in transit it may be possible to use a portable power source to help get around this problem, but unfortunately I don’t have any specific equipment to recommend.

Do try some caravan/RV type websites which may have some mobile solutions for you to consider.

Best of luck

p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business

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