Dreamed of Setting Up a Mobile Catering Business for Years

Hi David, I have dreamed of setting up a mobile catering business for years and finally feel am ready to take the plunge.

I have always loved making food and been lucky enough to have travelled to various countries which has given me my inspiration for my business idea.

I am hoping to create a business selling pies and mash potatoes similar to the famous 'Harrys Cafe de Wheels' in Australia.

I have found suppliers for the pies but was wondering what equipment I would need in the trailer to heat and keep warm the pies and the mash?

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Jan 13, 2016
Pie oven?
by: Natalie

Really want to set up a pie and mash van, we are wondering if you can bake the pies in an oven from the van? Is this standard or are pies pre cooked and then warmed in a pie warmer?

Any help would be appreciated

Mar 17, 2013
lpg on the move
by: Mandy

Hi David,
Can you run an lpg oven while on the move as I have a mobile catering trailer and want to keep food heated between stops?
Sorry to tag on someones post but the site wont let me post my own.
Regards and thanks,

May 13, 2011
Mobile Catering Equipment
by: David

Hi Dean,

Great to hear that you are going for it, it might well be your time to shine!

To keep your pies warm think about getting an LPG pie warmer and a baine marie to keep your mash at the right temperature.

It?s pretty standard mobile catering equipment so won?t be too hard to come by.Try searching for a catering equipment supplier local to you or search on ebay, Amazon and other online merchant sites.

Try and get an LPG gas model as the electric version, in my experience tends to heat and dry the food out quicker.

Go for it and let me know how you get on.

Best of luck
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