Do I Really Need Catering Van Insurance

by james

Hi, i am about to start up a Dessert van. I have had a vintage van imported over from France, it is currently being converted/restored. We are not using the van for any cooking at all as all cooking will be done in the home kitchen. We will be using catering cool boxes to transport our goods and only sell from the van. The van is kitted out in the back with worktops and a hand wash. That is it.

After looking online and receiving quotes ranging from £700 to over £2000 i am starting to question if i really need "catering van insurance" as we are essentially a stall on wheels with no cooking equipment.

I have my public liability in place so can i just get normal fully comp insurance for my van?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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Oct 29, 2014
Mobile Catering Insurance
by: Chris

Hi James,

I've double checked and the situation is as you've mentioned, you could just get motor insurance for your van and separate liability cover. I

guess the issue will be cost because you would have to state that the van is being used for business use and that it is for mobile catering. I

suspect this would result in quite a high premium with a regular motor policy and you would be better off talking to one of our providers who are

familiar with this type of risk.

If you let me have your number and a convenient time to call I can get one of our guys to give you a ring and run through a couple of questions

to get you an accurate quote. Please visit the Moving Food Catering Insurance website for more info.


P.S Discounts available using the promotional code MOBCATER' or mention Mobcater'

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