Do I Need To Go to College To Start Mobile Catering Business?

by C.J.Tait.
(Glasgow Scotland.)

I've been offered a very good snack bar, nice size, not an 8x4. I put the offer to half for it to a friend? He works full time on a backshift basis and showed a lot of jealousy.

But he's one of these know it all people. Although he could be right, but said we couldn't just find a good site. Get a permit and start trading. He said we'd have to go to a college course on food & hygiene. (15 years ago I assisted another friend in a good bar at a major football stadium at weekends and another site that a taxi firm used a lot & 2 schools. He was making plenty money and didn’t go to a college.

Could you tell me if I bought this snack bar with griddle, oven, urn, microwave and drinks chiller most run off gas but a generator is included for non gas operated equipment.

A friend and I have big plans to sell more than the usual burger bar does. But this guy has thrown a spanner in the works. Can you tell me what I'd have to do to get full permission and if insurance is needed too & if so, is it heavy insurance costs?

We have 2 great busy sites and everything else. Just need to stock it. Is this guy correct in massive layouts & college courses etc?

I'd appreciate your advice on all this stuff he's running me down for. What is required to start trading please?


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Mar 20, 2011
Starting in Mobile Catering - No Collage Needed
by: David

Hello There,

Firstly to get started all you need is to take a level 2 food and hygiene course, most collages and local councils provide these types of courses.You can even take food and hygiene course online here

It normally last for half a day and consist of answering a series of multiple choice questions - which to be honest with you is mostly common sense.

Once you pass this test you will get a food and hygiene certificate and then you can go to your local council and register you catering trailer/food business. From here they will come down and inspect your catering trailer and register your food business.

A yearly fee may now be required as Councils are short of cash and seem to be charging for everything so be prepared.

At the same time as doing this will need to find a pitch to trade from, call a few insurance brokers to insure you?re trailer and get some liability insurance to cover you and the public when trading.

The bottom line is that you ?Don?t Need?? to go to college to get started in your business - so please don?t be put off.

Please sign up to receive my free mobile start up guide which will list all the steps you need to Get Started in More Detail

Best ofluck


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