Do I Need To be Corgi Certified Before I Start Trading

by john kirkley
(romford essex)

The only item I am using in my mobile catering trailer is a gas griddle. Do I still need a corgi certificate before I start trading?

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Jun 07, 2011
LPG Test
by: Anonymous

Consult your Local Council, some insist on a Certificate others don't, same with pitch owner /operators.

If you do not need one you will probably find a local gas engineer who will give your van/trailer a look over and advise of any shortcomings.

If he finds any DANGEROUS installation he is compelled to issue a PROHIBITION notice ( DO NOT USE sticker and disconnect or disable the appliance).

It is generally a good idea to do this anyway, if I were to come to your house to give your gas appliances a look over and service I would probably charge you £50 or so.

Dependant on number of appliances, if I found something wrong I could advise etc as neccessary, when remedials are done issue you with a Certificate for an extra £20.

However if you called me in for a Certificate check I would charge £75, if I then found on inspection some points that require remedials.

I would then either, repair/ replace for an extra fee. Getting a quick look over by an engineer first may well be a lot cheaper unless you are fairly certain all is in order.

Do some preliminaries yourself. Ensure all pipe work is clipped adequately, any broken or loose clips replace or refix them.

Pipework, make sure it is in good condition, most pipework is usually copper which oxidises but doesn't corrode.

Some chemicals may have an adverse effect on it, ensure the vents open easily and FULLY.

Does your regulator work correctly, no sign of the flame "lifting off" indicating too much pressure.

Do the flames burn with a nice flame pattern, have a look on the web for pictures of how they should look.

Do you have a chain around your gas bottle/s. When you turn the control knobs does it turn off immediately?

Do all the knobs operate as they should or spin all the way round, like some I've seen!

A lot of the gas checks are common sense, use yours and reduce your bill. By that I mean do the jobs you can do with interfering with the actual appliances and pipework.

If you change a clip it may cost you 20p if I were to do it, if I didn't have the right clips, off to the merchant (time) buy the clips (money) travel back (time) and fit (time plus screws etc) it may cost you £20 !

If you have a dodgy valve, you know it when you have normally, get the correct valve in from the appliance manufacturer before the engineer arrives.

It will probably be cheaper, it will be to hand and he won't have to come back another day.
Rendering your van inoperative for days if it is a major fault on a major appliance.

People like Parry, Burco, Dean Etc have a phoneline you can call and say "I've got one of your ******* and the gas valve is sloppy/knackered/turning around " and they can usually identify what you need and pop it in the post.

Do not be tempted to fit it though please.

Nov 13, 2010
Get Your Catering Equipment Tested
by: David

Hi John,

You should have your appliance tested by a qualified LPG engineer to make sure that all the installed pipes, gas regulator, griddle and safety cut off valve are all installed and working properly.

They will also check to see that your catering trailer have adequate ventilation. I would always strongly recommend that your equipment is tested, even if it?s just the one appliance.

See here for gas safe engineers

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