Do I need to apply for a HGV license

by noor

Hi my name is Noor,

I am a chef and used to work in a restaurant.Now i am trying to open a fast food trailer but, i am a bit confused and need your help and advice.

I recently saw a 20ft trailer which has the whole kitchen fitted.

I need to know will i be able to tow the 20ft trailer with my current car license or do i need to apply for a hgv license.

Please let me know
thank you

My business goal is to do a full fast food service from fish and chips to burgers and hot dogs kebabs, and curry's.

I currently have pitch which i have negotiated with the landlord.

Its a factory 2000 people are currently working there so i am looking for a daily take of £500 pounds.

Which i know that i will reach that target.
all i need is know is a bit of luck and courage and your help and advice.

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Trailer license
by: Anonymous

Dependant on when you passed your CAR test you may or may not need to take a seperate trailer test.
If you were to pass your test today you would only be allowed to drive/tow a maximum combined weight of 3.5 Tonnes irrespective of the dimensions of the trailer,up to a maximum length + width governed by the vehicle construction and use Act, however, if you passed your car test BEFORE , I believe Sept of 1996, you could drive up to 7.5 tonnes maximum train weight.

Please check ,either your License, which should have the details on the paper counterpart, or DVLA. very helpful , or your local Police TRAFFIC UNIT, don't ask local Plod he probably won't know, no disrespect intended.

You will Need Some Towing Mirrors
by: Anonymous

Hi Noor,

It's sounds like you have a fantastic opportunity a head of you.

With regards to your question, you don't need a HGV license to tow a 20ft trailer, but you may need a four wheel drive, or van to pull it along the road.

As it will be very heavy especially when you start towing your trailer fully loaded,with all the food and drinks inside.

You will also need some extended towing mirrors to see when towing your trailer.

Visit a caravan accessory shop or even try e bay/halfords.

Also ask to see all the Gas/Electic certificates for the trailer before you buy it.

Also test out the equipment before you buy the trailer, just to make sure it's working

Hope this helps, let me know how it all goes.

Best of luck


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