Do I Need a Street Traders Licence to Trade for My Catering Business

by cat

Hi, read your story.. it was great, it was just what i needed.

I have been getting my catering trailer ready to trade for 18 month now I m 99% ready to go.

I have been looking for sites to trade for months now, and I have a couple in mind (on industrial areas as I would just like to work the mon-fri), well at the mo anyway.

There are quite a few trailer on this industrial area but i think where i am looking at would be ok and not too near any other trailer, but its on the road is it ok to just park there and start to trade.

Some of the others in the area are on the road but quite a few are either parked off the road or on a little pull in, just wanted to know where I stand, no pun intended.

Should I really get permission (if so who from the company who I’m in front of or the council) or just take my chances and start trading, any help on this would be appreciated, thanks cat

Hi, I have just sent in a question to you about, setting my trailer up to work on a industrial area.

I meant to also asks do I need to get a street trading license, I know when I read your account of how you started there was no mention about one, so would I just take a chance and start trading.. Of is it really necessary to have one.

I wanted to go up to some people who trade on this industrial area already but didn’t like to.

Thought they might think I was being a bit too nosey about their business.

I’m not sure what to do now ( I want to get started but I think this would take quite a bit of time to sort as what I can see about it you have to put in a application and it has to be approved,) all seems like red tape to me, cant I just start trading... help..Grrr

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Nov 12, 2008
Call Your Local Council Enviromental Health
by: Anonymous

Hi Cat,

Well like you when I started it was difficult as you really didn?t know who ask, or even who to call to find out. So I came to the conclusion that I was going to let whoever approaches me, tell me to either move on or leave the site.

On one occasion an officer from the environmental health did pay me a visit and ask me to move on. So a good place for you to start is your local council whom you should register with. They will check out your trailer and make sure that you are storing and cooking the food accordingly.

With regards to street licenses, each council will vary some will provide a street license and others don?t issue them. Unfortunately if you want to trade in any spot for a long time you may have to wait for them to issue you with some sort of registration which may take a good few weeks, but if you find a good rent free spot it may well be worth it.Hope this helps you out, best of Luck to you Cat

Let me know how it all goes


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