Do I Need a Gas Certificate For My Catering Trailer

by jamie

Hello There,

Can you tell me if I need a gas certificate for my trailer. The trailer has no no electric or LPG gas inside. My local council gave me a five for good systems, but I've written a fire assessment in case and use small cartridge canisters for demo cooking outside.

Do I then need a gas certificate? I have the usual fire blanket, extinguishers (in date), first aid etc. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Aug 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

I'm installing a fracino 2group contempo lpg machine into my Ford Transit Connect.

what's the reg on storing the bottle in the van. can u fix inside the van with roof vents disconnecting when driving and not in use. also
changing it or taking it out to refill.

Jan 25, 2017
Gas Safe Licence
by: craig

Does anyone know where I can find a gas inspector so I can get a Gas License for my trailer in the Middlesbrough area
Thank You

Jul 25, 2014
Lets be polite and helpful
by: Kevin Craske

For people like me about a year ago, this site has been so helpful. Newbies can ask some basic questions because they are newbies. Brian gave most helpful advice but how to destroy an enthusiastic newbie, and then be anonymous.

Jul 25, 2014
Gas/Electric Certificate
by: Anonymous

Of course you need a Gas and Electric Certificate. And more to the point as a Catering Trader you should want to get one!. You are dealing with Bottled Gas supply which CAN BE A POTENTIAL BOMB!.

Even if you lived in a third world country and there were no enforcement/laws for getting a catering trailer checked out, you should still do it. If not for your safety then the safety of your customers and any employees.***unhelpful remarks removed***

Jun 28, 2014
Gas Certificate For My Catering Trailer
by: Brian

Hello Jamie,

I have been doing gas safety inspections this week at Glastonbury, feedback from traders is that there is confusion when I reject their gas 'certificates' on unfixed appliances.

As unfixed equipment is not part of an 'installation' and therefore the cp2, cp17, caravan, boat and other inappropriate paperwork I'm offered is not valid as it cannot be certified in the same way a boiler for a landlord check can, due to the variety of safety issues the engineer cannot control in future use.

Hse catering advice leaflet 23 lays down the requirement for traders to show safety checks and maintenance on gas fired appliances. The portable work equipment regulations also play a part, they state that equipment must be in good condition, fit for purpose, used for it's intended purpose etc.

So yes, all gas equipment must be checked by an engineer, I would expect a service sheet stating it has been tested as an individual item for compliance with regulation 26 section 9 of the GSIUR, and that it is set up in accordance with UKLPG code 24 part 4, then give you accompanying notes.

The issue with portable butane camping stoves is they are intended for outdoor leisure use, meaning blue sky above, not inside marquees, they also do not have flame safety devices, lastly there is no way of checking there is a gas tight seal when you connect them to the internal bottle.

Hope that helps.

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