Debating Buying a Burger Van - What To Do First?

by Rachel

Hi everyone, I'm debating buying a burger van but I have no idea where to start! I know I need to get some sort of license and maybe get planning permission off the council. So where do I start? Do I secure the pitch first or do I go about the license and planning permission first. Any help at all would be great thank you!

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Pitch and Menu
by: Jared

My advice is to start with the pitch and the menu. Work out exactly what you will be selling and where you will be selling it. You need to know how much your ingredients cost, where to get it, how much you will need, and exactly what steps to take to make the burgers. Find this out by making lots of burgers :)

The menu and these answers will dictate what equipment and size of van you will need.
Ideally sign and secure the pitch prior to the purchase of a van. You don't want to be left with a van and no-where to park it..

Getting Started In Mobile Catering
by: David

Hello Rachael,

Good to hear from you. I would really ask you to find out as much as possible about mobile catering, we have a lot of free information on this site that will help you get started. The starting point for any new business is to do some market research to make sure there is a demand for your food service and to find a profitable pitch as soon as you can.

You also need to have enough passion to go through the whole process, right through to your first day of trading which does require some planning.

You questions needs a longer answer, so please also consider signing up for my Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide, which provides basic answers to most common questions, you can do that here.

Or for a more in-depth instructions my Start-up Pack contains everything you need to get started instantly for more info please click here: Mobile Catering Start-Up Pack

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best of luck.


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