Converted Van - Where to Put The Generator and LPG?

by Lee


I'm going to be converting a van for my business. I haven't bought any equipment yet as I need to find out what is best.

This may sound silly but do I have to keep a generator outside while I trade? Or can it be in a compartment in my van? I plan to get a silent one.

Also, where do I put the LPG tank while I trade?

Been as though I'm going to be converting the van, I can always make a compartment within it but it'll probably be inside.

I want to keep my overheads to a minimum so I think LPG is the way to go. Which of these can be LPG powered?

Ice making machine
boiling rings

This site is very helpful, thank you


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Oct 13, 2011
Catering Van Conversion
by: David

Firstly, no questions asked here are silly!

The generator normally goes outside the vehicle when you are trading but if you can construct a compartment for the generator this will save you time and hassle. Otherwise you will be forever lifting it in and out of the trailer or another vehicle.

The same goes for the LPG tanks, make sure you also have a compartment for these as they are heavy and dangerous and you're not really allowed to leave them outside the trailer.

Make sure that you construct enough room to fit at least 2 19KG bottles with a change over, so that when one is near to running out you can easily switch over to the second bottle.

Finally as far as I?m aware you can get a LPG fridge, freezer, but not sure about the ice making machine or boiling rings, not sure what that is anyway.

Best of luck

p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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