Convert a Decontamination Trailer

I found a cheap decontamination trailer on eBay and I would like to convert it into a catering burger trailer. The main reason is that it has compartments for gas tanks, a compartment for generators, etc.

They also have a "chimney" which will come handy for ventilation. Please let me know if it's possible to use them because I found out that caravans are unsuitable for catering conversions.

Thanks in advance for your kind help.

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Catering Trailer Coversion
by: David


A decontamination trailer can be converted into a catering trailer, however, in common with any used trailer it depends on how it has been built as to what work will be required to bring it up to the required standards.

For example, have the compartments already been fire lined or will this need to be done etc. Also, are the existing compartments the right size to fit gas bottles and a suitable generator? It they are not it could cost more to put them right.

The chimney may be suitable if you have any low output catering equipment being placed under neath it, but if you are planning on using high output catering equipment the chimney probably won't be suitable.

You may also want to consider using a reputable vehicle conversion specialist to help with the process.

Best of luck

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