Contacting Event Organisers Coffee Bike

by james mclaughlan

I want to travel to events in Devon this summer with a barista coffee bike and I would like to find out where and who I should contact to rent the space/or pitch to operate the barista and sell coffee to the public. subject to meeting all the standards required it does not require a lot of space would hope to get involved in this around Devon and Cornwall.

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Feb 17, 2020
Contact Event Organisers
by: David-

Try to search for events happening in the areas you want to trade and work on those leads. Local papers, online local council websites and directories are a good source of information and should have up to date event listings.

From here you can chase up any leads and make contact. Also, check local train stations, parks and other sporting events for a pitch i.e. football clubs etc.

Filter locations with a high foot fall of traffic which means more potential customers.

Most people love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

MobCater also have a collection of link on this page that may prove helpful
Catering Pitch Links

Found this below which list some events in Devon
events in devon

Best of luck,

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