Considering Opening Jacket Potato Business

by Nicola

I have just read your story as I am considering opening a jacket potato business. I currently work in an estate agents in a small town, and the amount of people I hear say I wish somewhere done jacket spuds round here is unreal.

I have been thinking about it for a while now, but I really want to take the plunge and go for it.

I’m just concerned about where do I start, can you just buy a trailer and just literally drive round looking for hungry people or do you need a pitch?
What about accounts, tax etc?

Basically my goals in my business is not to be a millionaire, but purely to earn the same amount of money I earn now (approx 250pw) but to have the independence of earning through my own hard work, not having the constant nagging from customers and basically have fun doing it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

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Jan 28, 2024
How did you get on? NEW
by: Anonymous

Would love to hear how she got on

Nov 22, 2016
It will be a success
by: David

I started a fudge business 12 months ago and was a great success, as there is a niche in the market. The next project is a jacket potatoes business, as again, there is a niche in the market. In Wales we have a site that is called Craft Fair Wales which include ALL events that are happening.

I have done research and many people would prefer JP than chips or burgers and hotdogs. You have a great future ahead of you there is a market for this.

As far as profit margins, look at the price of a raw jacket and the price of a cooked one, there's your answer. With regards to expansion, have 4 or 5 operating at the same time with employed staff. In 2008 I started a fish and chip van then went on to have a factory delivering veh to hospitals with a 780k turnover

Jul 20, 2016
Cook em first
by: Anonymous

I have read lots of these forums and cannot believe nobody has suggested cooking large batches up at home and freezing them to defrost and finish in the oven as required, thats what I would do.
McCain oven spuds make a fortune out of these and they are just part cooked spuds that are frozen!

Oct 16, 2014
spud business
by: rob

Been in the food industry for over 40 years. There will always be waste, however the only way you will know how many to cook is by doing your home work first, stand in the spot where you are thinking of selling from, check foot fall, age, times, competition (other products such as sandwiches etc) for at least a month. Get pricing right, contact food wholesalers who now stock part cooked frozen JPs. This cuts down cooking times and mean that more can go in if you have a rush. Dont forget to cost in your time, fuel, rents, insurance, accountants, repairs, forks, box, etc
I would say no less than £2.25 for a JP with butter pat, then 50p per item. Change fillings once a month. Say tuna mayo sweetcorn in summer, chilli con carne winter.
Good luck

Aug 14, 2014
How many spuds?
by: Vik_Spudulike

If you want to earn £250 a week, work out how many spuds you'd need to sell to get there (including costs, taxes etc), factor in some wastage each day and divide by the number of days you will trade. Then you have your number. If you sell out, you can always cook more the next day. It's better to run out than have loads of wastage but it can be an unpredictable business depending on weather, day of the week and times of the year.

Good luck!

Apr 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

you need to get a pitch first from your not consider buying a unit until you have done this

Jan 21, 2014
Jacket Potato Business
by: Chris

Cracking this business is really difficult as I found out to my cost. Finding a pitch is near impossible as you have to get market traders license. Shopping centers, town arcades etc will charge you a fortune so you'll struggle to make money.

Unfortunately, it is one of those types of businesses that everyone has thought about doing, thinks they can do, but really they don't understand the ins and outs of it. Too much competition on the high street will more than likely drive you out of business. And as for somebody asking when to put potatoes in and how many they should cater for at events...come on!

Do you not think you should know this before hand. If you do not prepare well then you are preparing to fail. Save yourself the hardship and financial pain and leave it as it is...a pipe dream.

Dec 03, 2012
First event !!!
by: Vanessa

Hi, I've been reading your page from the beginning and we have a small trailer now, all legal certificates in place etc., first booking is on Sat at a Christmas Wonderland and as its a free event organisers have no idea do attendance as its their first year!

We are ready except for knowing stock to take as we have no experience of what to expect yet! Can anyone give some advise please on how many you would consider catering for??. It's a Saturday and 11am to 6pm at least!

Many thanks for any help

Dec 26, 2011
Business Update
by: Chris

Hi, just wondering how the jacket potato business is prospering for you guys? I am really considering this as a business option. Your feedback would be sincerely appreciated. Please email me on

Thanks, Chris

Oct 05, 2011
Go for it - a mean you know it's top notch
by: Anonymous

I think it's a top idea Nicole and I'd buy a large spud of u will you do discounts for gingers?

Sep 05, 2011
by: Om

Hi Nicola, How is the business going?

Apr 13, 2011
jacket potato stall
by: malik

I am also thinking of setting up a jacket potato stall as oppose to having a trailer.

I think I have most of it figured out except for how many spuds would I need to cook a day...I don't want to get in a situation where I have not cooked enough spuds or I have cooked too many and may have to throw profits away if I dont sell them.

I would like some advice on what the average amount of spuds cooked a day should be and at what point I need to get the next lot cooking...can anyone help?


Feb 15, 2011
Mobile Catering Jacket Potato Business
by: David

Hi Nicole,

Why not do some more market research to make sure you have enough demand to sell jacket potatoes and then take it from there.

A jacket potato offers everyone the chance to eat a healthy and nutritional meal which could include additional tasty fillings to really sell it further.

The only thing to consider is - will selling only jacket potatoes provide you with enough income to live on. Or will need to sell additional foods for those who want something else.

Also earning £250 a week in your hand after costs is a realistic level of income to expect, which could also be topped up by attending other events throughout the year.

For how to get started please sign up for my free start up guide, which include info on finding a pitch, registering the business and paying your taxes and so on.

Please sign up here
: Starting a Mobile Catering Business

Best of luck


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