Comercial Waste Mobile Catering

by Sadie
(Lincolnshire )

Hi just recently started up my burger van business and was wondering how I go about getting rid of my rubbish?

I have done some research and see that I may need some sort of commercial rubbish collector to dispose of this. I don’t have much rubbish surely I do t need to pay for such little rubbish to be disposed of? Please could anyone give me some advice as what to do and the cost involved.

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Mar 22, 2014
be greener
by: Anonymous

Most of your rubbish like mine can be recycled. Someone collects my poly cups egg shells and paper waste all in one bag. He uses it for compost breakdown. Another collects all the "scum" from bacon eggs etc for local dog kennels they add to dried food they use. All plastic bags etc goes in bin

Mar 15, 2014
Commercial Waste
by: David

Hi Sadie,

This falls under commercial/trade waste even if you only generate a small amount of food waste, which means you will have to pay the council or a registered waste company to dispose of the waste for you.

The EHO can also ask to see a copy of the waste disposal agreement to confirm that you have this service in place. If you don’t have this in place it can lead to legal problems. You are also not permitted to get rid of any oil/water waste by use of the drainage system as this could lead to blockages and odour problems and it’s actually illegal to do so.

Again, you will have to make sure it’s collected and disposed by an authorised collector.

I’m well aware that on the whole, the majority of mobile caterers don’t really generate a lot of waste, except for mainly water, oil and a small amount of food waste. Because of this, you should discuss your situations with your local EHO who will be able to advise you according to you circumstances.

As for prices each council/company will have their own prices, but here is an example Commercial Waste Sacks

Also, take a look at Mobile Waste Collections

Best of luck and let us know what you find out.


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