Coffee machine for catering trailer

Hi, I am looking to start trading in the next couple of weeks and am looking for a coffee machine. I want something more then a hot water urn with instant coffee and want to be able to offer Lattes, cappuccinos, espresso etc. Does anyone have any ideas of good bean to cup machines, electric if possible that obviously have quite large water tanks and can serve around 20 to 40 cups per hour?

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Jun 12, 2020
Fracino Coffee Machine
by: David-

For electric coffee machines

You can pick up almost any type of electric coffee machine and add it to your catering vehicle.

However, most run on 3-4kw or more and so a large generator will also been needed. Bear in mind a fridge and a decent coffee grinder is also required to offer authentic coffee.

The combined power source off all appliances are needed to work out the right generator size. With that being said, the coffee machine needs to be of a reputable make, offer servicing, parts and regular maintenance for the machine to operate at full capacity. This will be needed as the business gets busier.

For gas coffee machines

You also might want to consider a gas coffee machine. These are specially manufactured to run on LPG gas.

One popular brand is Fracino, they offer a dual fuel Gas/12 Electric range which caterers specifically for mobile caterers. They offer installation, training and even show you how to fully operate the coffee machine.

They offer a range of machines that make from 100-600 cups per hour.

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