Cleaning a Griddle – How Do You Remove the Black Stuff?

by Alexis

I took the top off my griddle the other day to wash down and the black on the top, as it has started to flake.

I thought it would wash off but it hasn’t, can I get paint to cover it again or what would you recommend? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sep 14, 2016
How to clean a griddle
by: Anonymous

Wire brush and plenty of elbow grease.

Aug 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have just bought a used burger van and wanted to know how I clean the griddle as it got rust and paint has come off it in parts . Iv cleaned it but doesn't look any different is there a paint that I can use . I'm new at all this . Louise.kiraz@

May 10, 2012
water for catering van
by: watts_cooking

can anyone pleas egive mea few pointers as to sites that are good for buying gas boxes for trailers, and also iam at a loss trying to work out how i can get water running i have to sinks and my tea urn goes into the one but i cant quite work out how to get cold water into the van? i might be being stupid but i would really appreciate the help

Mar 08, 2011
Griddle Cleaning
by: David

Hi Alexis,

With regards to the black stuff on the griddle, it's just a build up of carbon from cooking oil and grease from burgers, bacon etc.

Washing it won't remove it, you will need to scrape it with a paint scraper or similar. (griddle cleaning block) Start by slowly scraping all or as much of the loose black carbon as possible. Just focus on the main cooking area and leave the sides if need be.

As you remove the carbon you will see the steel underneath exposed. Once you have removed most of the loose carbon, it's a good idea to wash the griddle down with soapy warm water, and then dry the griddle completely.

When you have finished do this, turn on the griddle to get it hot and then spread some oil lightly on the cleanly exposed parts of the griddle. This will give it a light coating so as not to rust, and prevent the food from sticking to the griddle when you start cooking again.

Make sure to clean the griddle regularly, but eventually you will have to this process on a regular basis. You could also try using a griddle block to clean the griddle, either look on eBay or Amazon.

Hope this helps!


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