Catering Van vs Trailer! Also What Are Realistic Earnings a year?

by adam
(kimgs lynn)

I’m interested in buying a burger van but have read that events do not like having live petrol tanks at them (even though often the vans that tow them are parked up near them and generators are live too).

i have also read that often its more that they don't like the look of them but are willing to allow vans that break the norm like 40s style vans? is this true as i'd much prefer a van than a trailer and would plan to try at least one event a week to top up what i'd make on a site.

Would it be the same with local councils not letting you park up in town centres like trailers do and also what is a honest estimate of earnings on a decent site and doing regular shows?


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Jan 11, 2011
Mobile Catering Permit
by: David

As far as I am aware they do not give out permits to mobile catering trailers/vans. You will need to find a pitch to start trading and then register with your local council

Also there is no road tax to pay for a mobile catering trailer, but with a catering van you will have to pay for a road tax the same as any other vehicle.

For full start up details I recommend you sign up for my free mobile catering guide which will list everything you need to get started.

Best of luck

Jan 10, 2011
trailer food van
by: Anonymous

do i need a permit and do trailers need road tax also what sort of expenditures should i bear in mind

Jan 06, 2010
Earnings Can Vary Depending On Location, Hours Worked ...
by: Anonymous

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately you are absolutely right, in that they will not allow mobile catering vans on some sites because of the fuel tanks attached to them. (health and safety reasons)

This is why I advise people to get a trailer as it can create a problem when trying to get work on some catering sites, including council sites or council owned sites.

With regards to earnings this can vary depending on your hours, location and how busy your pitch becomes.

It would be better to have a regular pitch and then do shows and events during the weekends and summer to earn the extra income which could be substantial.Especially if you get into some of the medium/large events.

Best of luck.


p.s Get My Free Mobile Catering Guide

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