Catering Van or Gazebo

Hi there,

I am starting my own mobile catering business and I'm at the time where I've mastered my dish and now need to start making in bulk. I need to invest in some catering equipment but don't know wether to invest in a van so I can cook it and make it all in there (most of the stuff I can prep the night before) or to begin with cook it all at my kitchen at home (but again don't have equipment on large enough scale i.e. blenders etc) and then invest in a gazebo as I only need Gas rings to cook on an the actual day?

Also, I just don't know how much quantity of servings I need. At your average festival or event, how many servings do you do?

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated - really keen on getting this started but its the first time I've ever done anything like this.

Many thanks

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Catering Van or Gazebo
by: David-

Hello Leah,

If your kitchen is suitable is may be wise to start with doing the prep at home and then using a Gazebo and rings etc for the actual business onsite. From here as it grows you can then look to invest in a catering vehicle. A decent vehicle is priced in the thousands.

It may be an idea to start with a market pitch/weekend pitch to start with as this will help to work out portion sizes, costs, logistics etc. Start small, find your feet and from here you can move onto bigger events.

Best of luck,

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