Catering Van Or Convert Summer House

by Curt

Hi David

I'm in 2 minds to purchase a catering trailer or convert a summer house .Im thinking if I convert the summer house (nice looking shed) it might have implications from the council,I had a trailer 20 years ago and had a good pitch which never had any problems from the council so I know this is the easy route.

Pitch is already sorted I own a tile and bathroom showroom with a very large car-park I have sub-letted half of my car-park for a up market car-wash(the guy is investing 50k)

He already has a successful one and the estimate of 1000k cars coming through has brought me back to the food game. My preferred route is the conversion.I would appreciate any advice you have had on static locations


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Jun 12, 2014
Catering Van or Summer House
by: David

Hi Curt,

I think you may want to check if you are liable for business rates for the summer house, being a fixed location. I understand that if you have trailer that is mobile and it’s not in a fixed location that you may be exempt from paying business rates. I hear conflicting stories on this so you should contact your local council as this advice seems to vary and may help you make a decision.

You may also want to have the option of using the trailer in the future for other events; it will also be easier to sell on as opposed to a fixed building. I would just take a step back and consider all your options both Pros and Cons before you make a final choice.
Sorry for not providing a straightforward answer.

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Best of luck,

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