Catering Pitch Who Has Permission

by Dave

Ok ,3 months ago a pitch became available, it was rented out before I could act. It’s in a big busy lay bye. It is now up for sale by two people, the original people who say they have the planning permission, and the people who rented it 3 months ago are also trying to sell it.

The original lady says she has the permission.
I have been in touch with south staffs county council who say it is the lay bye not the person who has the permission, can’t understand what they are doing. The pitch is for only one van no more.

The council say to get legal advice and apply myself. Solicitor’s means money which I don't really want to waste, please can you help

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Sep 11, 2013
Red Tape
by: Michel

This is why more and more people are on JSA the Concil will not help those how want to go sel-employ and leave the JAS when will all this STOP.

Sep 06, 2013
Catering pitch
by: Anonymous

Dave if your talking about the one on the A449 outside of Penkridge, apply to the council for a permit to work on the lay by. There is no-one there and as far as I am aware the permit is in the previous owners name when it used to be Debz Diner!!!!

Sep 03, 2013
Legal Proof For Pitch
by: David

Hi Dave,

What a kerfuffle, either way I would be weary of this situation. The only way you will get to the bottom of this is through seeking legal advice, which as you’ve noted is expensive.

Another way to move forward is to ask these two parties to provide the necessary proof in writing via a solicitor, which is something they should be doing anyway.

That way the onus is on them to prove who has the legal right to sell the pith. They can’t both be right and one of them should be willing to foot the bill.

I wouldn’t really go forward unless they can prove it and put it in writing.

I hope this helps and please keep us updated.
Best of luck,

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