Catering Business Situated In Conservation Area

by Jacqueline Hull

I am completing a Council Planning Application form to trade within a car park situated across the road from where I live during busy summer months (I live in a tourist hot-spot).

The area is a conservation area but my unit will be tasteful and I will offer only good quality food, using local produce.

I am a little concerned that there is a restaurant/cafe across the road (they offer takeaway food/drinks but do not advertise well - they are primarily an eat-in establishment).

Would this affect my application?

Also, any other advice for completing my application?

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Jan 07, 2010
Research What You Plan to Offer
by: Anonymous

Hi Jacqueline

I would suggest that you offer something different from the already established businesses, food wise. Take a look at their menus and change yours accordingly. Obviously it won’t be 100% different, but if you can show that your not really competing with them to much it should better your chances.

Also - as you have already mentioned, if it’s just during the busy summer months and the other businesses only offer eat in. This shouldn’t be a big concern to neighbouring businesses. Nevertheless they are sure to be upset if a new business comes on the scene, this is the nature of business and healthy competition.

Really research what you plan to offer, whether it’s hot donuts, candyfloss, hot dogs, pasties, pies or fresh sandwiches. Then this way the competition can’t really say anything because they don’t sell those types of foods.

Best of luck!


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