Can you take £3000 in a Day Trading with a Mobile Fish and Chip Trailer? Please Help!

by karl

Hey everyone.

I am desperately looking to change my career path and get into mobile catering. I have looked at various things and am considering a 16ft fish and chip trailer to sell high quality food.

The problem i am having, is trying to find out how much money can really be made. With prices for different events varying so much, I am only interested in doing big shows, festivals, generally 6000 people + etc.

My question is this. At large events, is it realistic to think that takings can be around £3000 for one day for an event with 6000 people? These are some of the figures i have been told in the past but am getting conflicting information. Can I expect to be able to make £500 - £1000 per day net profit at large events?

I have also been told that some events like Glastonbury can charge up to £15000 for 4 days. If this is the case, how much can a mobile unit make there.

Trying to get a cash flow forecast is extremely difficult when you do not know anyone in the game. Could anyone please please please tell me some accurate figures what I can expect to achieve.

I understand it’s like asking how long a ball of string is but one can safely say you will earn more than £10 and less than a £10000000 in one day. If anyone can get me closer to a sensible figure it would help me massively! Thanking you all in advance

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Jul 11, 2019
can you take £3000 in a day
by: Pro fry ltd

we would be more than willing to sit with you and discuss the details in event catering and point you in the right direction.

Pro Fry Ltd specialises in mobile fish and chip units and have a massive amount of knowledge in this sector.

We are also the main sales and distribution for Regal mobile fish and chip fryers with the twin burner system.

Aug 27, 2012
£3000 a day from fish and chips?
by: Anonymous

I have run a mobile fish and chips van with a high out put range for 4 years so have some experience.

You are going about this the wrong way, you need to ensure that the range you buy can turn out enough fish & chips for you to sell to enable you to take £3k a day.

Unless of course you intend to charge £15 a portion! Ask the range manufacturer how many 5-7oz fillets you can get in a pan and how long the frying time is.

How many burners does the range have per pan? Ask lots of commonsense questions before parting with money and ask to have the range demonstrated.

With regard to rents we have been asked to pay upto £1,100 per day so if you take the job you are up against it from the word go.

Events are not for the faint hearted, you can make good money but you can also lose a lot.

Take your time and do lots of research, visit events in your area and watch various units in action and gaged their takings yourself.

I was told all manner of tall tails when I started and there are a lot of conmen ( & women) out there.

Finally, its bloody hard work as well!

Jun 27, 2011
Not sure David should do your accounts!
by: Anonymous

"..Certainly £3000 is an achievable amount and can be made in one day if you were catering for 6000 people. This would result in 6000 people spending a minimum of £2 pounds each.."

Erm. 6000 x people spending a minimum of £2!!!
I make that £12,000

Jul 30, 2010
How Much Can You Earn At Festival? £3000 A Day
by: David

Hi Karl,

Certainly £3000 is an achievable amount and can be made in one day if you were catering for 6000 people. This would result in 6000 people spending a minimum of £2 pounds each, which would total £12000

But obviously it would really depend on how many other catering trailer units are present at the event, what types of food, your pricing and the location within the event.

These are all important points that need to be taken into consideration.

I have never catered for Glastonbury so can't really comment on what profits can be made. I can say that I have catered for football events and small venues with a lot less than 6000 people and have made £900-£1200 profit in 1 day.

At the time there were only a total of 2-3 other non competing catering trailers so this did have a positive effect on my profits.

Glastonbury does charge very high fees and unfortunately you will have to reflect this in your prices.

I believe 170.000 people attend Glastonbury so there is certainly the quantity of people to earn a good income from.

Sorry, I don't have any solid figures to give you.

Best of luck


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