Can Mobile Catering Support the Both of Us

by Jade

Hi my fiancé and I are looking into starting up our own mobile catering business. I have read your story on how you got started and found it very helpful!!

But I’m worried whether it would pay 2 wages. Do you think it has the potential for both of us to do it or is it a 1 person job???

Would appreciate any advice!!

Thanks Jade.

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May 27, 2011
Food Business Supporting the Both of You
by: David

Hi Jade,

To be honest with you when you are first starting out and establishing a business (most businesses) their probably won?t be enough income initially to support 2 people.

It will take some time to grow the business to a stage where it can financially support the both of you.

If you can?t both afford to launch the business together then one of you should find alternative work until the business is turning over enough profit.

If you were working on a 7 day pitch one of you could cover the weekends or lend support, in that case you could both work in the business.

I use to work a 7 day pitch and my sister use to help me on the weekends, sometimes she would work the whole weekend for me. For me there was enough income to pay her on a weekend basis, although this was after I had established the business.

Alternately you could also try giving the business a boost by finding extra venues to cater for like fairs, car boot sales, festival and so on.

Hope this helps,

Best of luck

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