Can MLM Be A Route To Financial Freedom?

by Anindyac

Hey to everybody! Well as the saying goes ‘what you see is what you get, yes certainly the most important think for any business is confidence and will power. Ok I understand you must have heard of it many a times so what’s new……… Right!

I am a guy working from 9 to 6 every day and yeah sometime even on Sundays too, and on one fine Monday my second cousin visited from almost 250 miles to show me a plan as how I can achieve financial freedom. Sound quite amazing and I was a little bit taken away too, here I would not mention the company’s name but let you this it its one of the World leading MNC (multinational corporation )a unlimited liability company- hope you guessed it right.

Anyway, he showed me the chart as how I would progress in the MLM business. It’s quite overwhelming to see the amount of money coming to your hands and believe me it’s not possible in a 9 to 6 job to earn, even if you were a top level. Yes, I know what you are thinking, it’s going to take hard work, sure by for few years and not like work till your retirement.

The concept was to ask to my friends, colleagues, acquaintances & relatives to join as a member and from a multi level ladder, where each one would get their share of profit or rewards by following the same process. Well to start with, again it’s not necessary -however always start with somebody you know very well who can trust and vice-versa.

This is one of the key points to start the business; also you may look for people who have a very good and vast network. For MLM business the more people you have the more is the success ratio and therefore more revenue or say - profits!

To start you may have to pay some membership fee where you might get a kit or a package with all the necessary documents. I paid around $125 which included my starter kit, a CD, and a diary.

The basic skill for MLM business is nothing to be worry about, for instance everybody on this earth needs money and for that everybody is working their ass off, so look at their needs, requirements or paint a picture of having a luxury car, higher education….There are so many reasons to start.

The hardest part of the business is to make people understand that it is really possible to eventually generate a good income and believe in the business. Many of those join you may drop out from active status and you might have to cover up for them, showing them it is possible. This normally happens because of high expectation.

Sit with them and talk to them about their problems and find a solution, this encourages and motivates your lost member to jump back, remember it’s tough to motivate everyone but if they are alive then you too……I personally feel this kind of business if done sincerely and honestly, it will take you to that level where you not have imagined in practical terms of course.

I have become more confident and prudent and learned a lot about people and more over been to so many places which otherwise I would never go. Great start with a positive note and let the wheels roll

Thank you

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