Bored..Bored..Bored With Office Job-Inspired By Your Success

by Chris

I have been working a stupid office job since finishing uni (management degree) and somehow ended up in a call centre.

I have been enjoying the job less and less and the feeling that my degree was pointless grows each day.

I am now at that point that i need (not want) but really need to make a difference in my life and follow my ambition to own my own business and this seems the perfect start!

Your story has completely inspired me and given me the confidence to pursue this train of thought... so thank you!just a few thoughts though.

Where do you go for the training course and how much does this cost? how long does it take to set up the business and get going (as once i leave work and set of on my own i will of course lose my guaranteed salary).

Have you ever suffered from fellow traders getting funny or abusive with you trading near them?

To your knowledge, are there any restrictions on what food you serve? i had the thought of serving up more organic home made food as sometimes the usual burger vans don't appeal as much as i would like from personal experiences looking round car boots etc...

Thank you for inspiring me to take this further, and congratulations with the business you so clearly have succeeded in. p.s. one more thing, as long as i earn more than £1000 a month after tax, then i know that i will be able to survive after leaving work. is this a realistic goal? i am of course ready to put a lot of hard work into this idea just as you did! cheers! Chris

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Oct 12, 2008
The First Thing You Need to Do Is
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris,

The first thing you need to do is go on a food and hygiene course (1 day) and normally around £50 this is usually done privately or with your council call (speak to a health and safety officer)them and they should send you a starter pack with form included.

Once you have you form you can then start looking for a site to trade from and a trailer(site being more important)

After you get trailer/van register with Council who will send some one around to inspect you vehicle and conditions for food storage.
You will need liability insurance, food and equipment and you may consider renting a trailer to try it out before you buy one.A clean trailer will set you back around 3-4 grand, then you need a strong cat to tow it with.

Early starts and early finish normally around 3.30 ish depending on what location you are working on.Maybe you should find a weekend pitch keep your day job and see how you like it.Then you can do it full time if you like.

Depending on where you work you can earn from £2-600 a week, but don't forget to minus all your cost e.g fuel,food,gas,stock,rent if any.So you should be able to hit a grand a month no problem.

You can serve any food you like as long as you have the equipment to cook it,but most people like the basics, f/stick, bacon,sausage,eggs basically cafe food.

Hope this helps.


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