Bored Office Job - Start My Own Food Trailer Business

by Saira

I really love cooking and would love to start my own food business as it is something that i have a passion for. I was looking to get a food trailer as it would save costs.

i just wanted to know would it be very costly to set up as i don't have alot of savings but i want to get my business underway quite soon as i find my current office job quite boring and am not really that happy in it.

One day i would love to have my own cafe, I also love baking therefore occassionally take orders.

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Feb 18, 2012
Work Part Time On Business First
by: David


Starting a mobile catering business won’t be cheap to set up. You’re probably looking to spend anything between £5-8000 pounds to get going.

I understand that you find your job boring and want a change, but just make sure that you research every aspect of a starting catering trailer business first, more importantly secure a pitch first, for the best possible chance of success.

You could also try a cooking type business from home, which will be much lower overheads and is great if you are into baking cakes, cookies or something similar.

I would definitely work on your own business part time and around your current work commitments. Don’t give up your normal day job until you find something that you like doing and can earn you, at least a part-time income.

It won't be easy as you'll need a lot of dedication, persistence and hard work, but this would in my opinion offer you the safest way to get going in your own business.

Best of luck

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