Book Selling From Home - Read How I Got Started

by Terrie

Selling old books can be profitable, especially first editions

Selling old books can be profitable, especially first editions

A very long-time friend gave me the idea of starting my own work from home business. He had been doing it for awhile himself, before letting me in on it. It seemed simple enough to do, selling books from home.

There are a number of book selling sites and it doesn't matter if they are new or used. I have discovered that there are many people, which only like first editions, or just paperbacks.

One day while driving down the street, someone was tossing out 7 huge boxes of books from their garage. Wow, it was like Christmas, he even helped me load them into the car.

I did use the thrift stores to get books, but, really wanted to save money to make money doing this. As luck would have it, I discovered FREECYCLE.ORG

You post things you want or things to offer, all is FREE.

I posted I wanted books of all kinds. A few days later I get this email, asking just how many I wanted. I replied back, "the more the merrier". Lo and behold, it happened to be 4 libraries that were closing down. It took, 6 trucks, 2 days to get all the books. My garage was filled, porch, every room in the house was filled up with boxes of books.

Now, one needs to enter the ISBN numbers to see what the books are worth. If not worth selling, I boxed them up and re-listed them elsewhere as "book lots", people came to get them. Yes, I charged for each box of books.

When listing, you need to give a GREAT description of each books condition. Check for any tears, marks, or names written inside of the cover. Pay close attention as some books happen to be personally autographed. Don't just think it happens to be the name of the previous owner. Pay close attention to see who the author happens to be it might just be someone very famous or sort after.

You would be surprised what people leave in library books when they return them, pictures, money, postcards, love notes and cards.

If you happen to have books you would like to sell, and a few friends that enjoy reading....why not try and do as I have done and sell your books. I still do it, and enjoy it immensely

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