Become a Book Seller Through Amazon For Extra Cash!

by Judith
(Libertyville, IL, US)

Sell unwanted books

Sell unwanted books

Not only did I find a great way to earn a little extra cash “working” from home, I also considerably reduced the amount of clutter in my home at the same time.

As a confirmed “book-aholic” and someone who used to work for a publishing company where I received many free promotional books, I found that my collection was getting much too large.

After a cross country move, and paying to have a ton of books shipped, I decided it was time to eliminate all but the few books that were very special to me.

I had previously purchased new and used books on that were offered by individuals at a reduced price. I decided to investigate Amazon to become one of the sellers and found that it couldn’t be easier!

First, I gathered all of the titles that I wanted to sell. After finding an individual title on the web site, it was simple to click on the “Sell Yours Here” button and list the book for sale.

You are able to determine your selling price, see what others are charging and add some information about yourself or your area (for example, “All orders ship within one business day.”) Amazon charges a fee but also provides you with reimbursement for your shipping cost (which is always less than what you are paid).

Any books can be sent through the US Post Office by Media Mail (which is the least costly – much less than First Class Mail). When a book is sold, you receive an email and can log in to your account for the buyers address. I even found that I could buy mailers on much cheaper than in an office supply store (and most of the time with free shipping).

In addition to books, you can also list CDs and DVDs. In addition to the titles that I owned, I found that many times people will sell books through garage sales for very little money; you can easily buy hard cover, recent titles for less than $1.00 and then turn around and sell them for $10 on Amazon.

It’s not a great deal of money but every little bit helps – the first week that I had listed some titles I made over $85.00! (And decluttered at the same time.)

So I invite you all to give it a go, remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We are increasing living in a throwaway society, but rather than just binning those old books, give Amazon a shot and see if you can make some extra money in the process.

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