Are You Seeking the MLM Holy Grail? Look Within.

by Jackie Ulmer (Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA)
(Jackie Ulmer)

Jackie Ulmer -  MLM Mom

Jackie Ulmer - MLM Mom

Network Marketing. It's not what I was looking for when I set out to start a home based business in the early 90's. Although I wasn't entirely sure what "it" was, I knew one thing for sure - it was bad, and I should steer clear.

I equated it with - "lose your friends, lose your money."

But, nothing I else I found fit my "work at home criteria. This criteria included -

• Enough income to stay home with my children and not just a hobby income.
• Flexible hours - one baby and an airline pilot husband left little "spare" time.
• Adult interaction, a way to keep my foot in the "adult world" while home with toddlers.

That was it. It looked simple enough to me, and all roads kept leading me back to Network Marketing. I knew I needed to educate myself.

The more I researched, I could quickly see that it was the one home business that would fit my criteria.

But, could I do it? Could I fit the network marketing criteria for success? What would it take to be successful?

I would love to tell you that my journey was easy; that the road was smooth, simple and that I rocketed straight to the top. Not exactly.

I faced many obstacles and the biggest one was truly ME!!!

Here's how it went -

Seeking to secure our financial future outside of the airline industry, my husband and I began our Network Marketing journey together, working side by side. My vision of what that partnership would look like was that he would do the “list making”, the prospecting, show the plan, do the follow up and sign them up. I would assist with training, and of course, cash the big, fat paychecks.

And, that worked out pretty well for the first three years. That is until he came home and announced that he was worn out, and done with Network Marketing. He could not work his full time job, have time for his family and also work this business.

“But,” he assured me, “I will support you all of the way if you decide to continue.”

Wow, thanks a lot, I thought. How was I ever going to get to those big fat paychecks?

That is when I first realized what everyone meant when they said this was a business about personal growth and self development. If I really wanted to create the success I desired, I was going to have to go to work on myself.

See, deep down, I wanted everything that Network Marketing offered, but I didn’t really want to have to be the one to stretch myself and go after it. I was content to walk across stage on my husband’s arm, looking adoringly at him.

That illusion was shattered when my husband said “No more!” I had to make a decision.

Change, grow personally or abandon my dreams.

Well, abandoning my dreams was not an option, so I got busy. I found mentors and empowered myself to lead my own change and my own business.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I really did have the ability to chart my course and my history. I had the ability to shatter glass ceilings and earn more as a woman than I had been able to before.

The best thing about the entire process is that there were many people along the way to cheer me on; to assure me that I could reach my goals; and to support me in moving forward. It was so different than corporate America, where a climb up the corporate ladder usually meant stepping on or over someone else.

So, what specifically does it take to get ahead in this industry and how does it differ from traditional business? The answer lies so profoundly in the personal growth and development.

Many people (myself included) make the mistake of wasting a lot of time and energy looking for that “secret” in the industry; looking for the Holy Grail that is going to make the difference in success or failure.

So, they waste time looking for that perfect “script” to say to people; or that perfect “Sizzle line” to dial prospects into; or something elusive that they have not quite grasped yet that is going to make the difference.

Fact is – the type of Holy Grail they are seeking does not exist. The Holy Grail that does exist is that of working on oneself; understanding what skills and beliefs are required; spending time every day working on mindset and the ability to attract exactly what is desired.

Once I began to work on myself, amazing things started to unfold for me. Prospects began to call me; sign ups were a consistent weekly occurrence; attrition rates dropped; and I began my rise to the top of my company’s pay plan.

How I went to work on myself really came down to a few simple things – focusing on feeling good and expecting success to come my way, ALL OF THE TIME; staying tuned into my “positive meter” and making sure that I did not make calls or speak to people if my attitude and mindset were not at a ten or above.

I did these things by spending time – 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night focused on what I WANTED to have show up in my life, and focused on what I knew that feeling would be like once it arrived.

And, like magic, I began to take inspired action. I would wake up knowing what I wanted to accomplish for the day, and what steps would be required. I went about taking these steps joyously and in anticipation of what would show up.

It’s really as simple as that.

So, now you have a better idea of what is meant when people say Network Marketing is a course in self-development. Yes, we have awesome products and a great pay plan. And even beyond that, we are vested in assisting YOU in being the best you can be in all areas of your life.

The skills that I have developed have prompted me to now focus on creating a win-win in every relationship I encounter. It’s no longer about “getting the sign up.” It’s about seeing how I can serve another and what I might bring to the table to enrich each person’s life, through the business first, and through a connected relationship next.

I simply can not imagine my life without Network Marketing in it. I can not imagine not having the interaction with the types of positive, like minded people that this industry has placed I front of, and beside me.

What are you seeking to find in your journey through our industry? Are you looking for financial freedom; time freedom; great skills and great relationships? You are surely in the right place if your answer is yes, because even if you only seek one of these at this point, stick around and you’ll find that you won’t get one without the other.

THAT is truly a win-win!

Jackie Ulmer, professional Network Marketer, Author, Mom and Wife, is a regular contributor to MLM Woman Newsletter; The Network Marketing Magazine and the Mastermind Sessions. In the industry for over a decade, has a passion about inspiring women to chart their own course for success in their business.She lives in Lake Arrowhead, California with her husband, Mark and two children, Justin and Lexi.Contact her at

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