Abigail Lunch Carriers - A Great Small Business Idea

by Susan

Pork ribs lunch

Pork ribs lunch

My name is Susan Baldrey, I am a single mom with 2 children. I started Lunch Boxes which we call Lunch Carriers, for afternoons for single males/females, residences, offices etc.

As my kids were growing so fast and I was struggling to provide them with all that they needed. My current job was not paying me enough, so I decided to think about a starting my own business.

One day my friends and I went to a restaurant and ordered Peppery Stakes (Dry) and when they brought it over, we started to eat and my friend said, hey, Susan, you do this but a thousand times better. At once my mind started to tick and it was then i got motivated to start a business connected with cooking, because I realised I was a very good cook.

Since my friend is a single person who always buys her meals from outside I suggested to her, that I would provide her the Lunch Carrier for the afternoon and she could pay me instead of eating outside. She agreed and hers was the first order which I made up and it needed no investment at all. Because it was started with just the one order I was able to share what we were to eat. I just had to supply an extra dish to make up the carrier meal.

From there, by word of mouth it started to spread and then it started to get tough, as I needed support for handling bigger orders. It was difficult as I was always trying to beat the clock as I had to give out the Lunch Carriers on time; it was good because I had to only use my cooking skills to get my business moving.

I would advise anyone with good hands for cooking, do not hesitate if you are a good cook, you can start by sharing it from your own food and do not let anyone dampen your spirit, if you think you are good, go for it as I have gained more confidence in myself and am determined to make it a great success.

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