£2200 For A Street Trading Consent????????

So i've found a nice little 2nd hand starter trailer, got my 4x4 for the trailer.

Passed my NCASS food hygeine online course, had the trailer certificated for gas and electrics.

Spent £200 on food etc, found the perfect pitch all raring to go and then when i'm down to my last few quid.

My local council tell me that the "street trading consent charge" is £2200 for a year, for trading on an industrial estate, and subject to "planning permission".

This is payable as a lump sum, and not monthly. UNREAL!!!

Where do they come up with these crazy charges and are they right?????

I've also been told to supply toilet facilities for me and my staff, even though i don't have any staff, during trading hours.

Anyone else been told of this obscene charge, or having the same sort of problem, or do you have a way around it?

Very helpful site by the way.


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Apr 09, 2009
Good Business Potential
by: Anonymous

How typical when trying to achieve anything positive,

Unfortunately each council has different requirements regarding starting a catering business, some do and don?t issue a street trading license

I think that you have done a great job to get this far, and you really need to find a way around this little problem. If the £2200 is the only charge that you pay for the entire year then this is not too bad, if you have to pay rent on top then you may wish to recalculate what it will cost you.

With regards to the toilet issue try and find out what this actually means, because you can always ask a business local to you pitch if you can borrow their toilet. You could offer them a food discount in exchange for using their toilet facilities or something along these lines.

If this is not possible find out how much to rent a loo if possible and then combine this amount with the £2200 and see what you have to pay for the entire year.

As it stands £2200 divided for 52 weeks comes to around £42 per week, now find out how much the loo will cost to rent. Add it all together and if it?s reasonable then you still have a viable and potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Hope this helps, all the best


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