£18 million Development and On site Catering

by Brooke

I've just read your story of setting up a catering trailer business. I also want to do this but have some concerns and worries.

In the summer there is an £18 million development project in the town that I live in. I have contacted the site manager and explained that I
already own a trailer (I don't) and that I would like to provide on site catering for this new project.

He has asked me to email him my information and he would pass it on to the project manager. He also told me I'd shown initiative and that nobody else has contacted him. So fingers crossed !!!! my
worries are that I'm a single mother (can get childcare) and I know I could cope with the work side of the business but I'm worried about having time to sort out the books (what sort of accounts do you have to keep?) and buying stock. I would appreciate any help that you can give.



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Apr 24, 2014
Hi Brooke
by: sue

Hi Brooke,did you get your pitch on the building site? as far as the books are concerned i kept all my receipts and a basic book of what i took and had to pay out each day and passed it to my friend who dealt with it for me as I'm no good at the accounts side of things.

As far as stock goes always shop about for the best deals and find a good supplier for your bacon, sausage, pies etc, i always bought my eggs fresh off the farm they were cheaper than the warehouse and supermarkets.

I ordered my bread fresh every day and mushrooms onions were often cheaper in the supermarket than the warehouse, these days you have the likes of B&M and home bargains etc where you can get pop and chocolate bars so much cheaper than you can when you bulk buy.

You didn't say what area you live as some areas don't have a B&M or home bargains yet but there is always deals to be had if you have time to look about.

I personally am not a big fan of the warehouses but each to there own, i hope it all works out for you and if you want to ask me anything you can always phone or text me 07875524749 and i will do my best to help

cheers sue

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