14ft Catering Trailer - Will My Car Tow It ?

by derek boulton

I have just brought a 14ft catering trailer but have a 1.6 Senic and my question is would that be able to tow the catering trailer, which is also a twin trailer.

I’m new to this and the towing as well so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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it will tow it but think of the braking
by: john

i have a 12 ft catering trailer and also have a 1.9 Senic the thing you have to have in mind your car and trailer can only weigh 3 tons with you and all your drinks food gas bottles etc.

3 tons with a scenic I had to learn the hard way i going down the bypass only doing 40-45 mph i had a blow out on my car and the trailer it ended up with the car doing a 180 and the trailer went on its side blocking lane 2.

Local recovery come out put the trailer back on its wheels took it back to the compound were they had to weigh it was 4.5 tons with that my car insurance would not pay out for damage to my car and also because it was being used for a business
the trailer was totaled inside had to spend more the 2500 grand to replace one side and clean it out all over again.

The car was damaged due to trailer going on its side it lifted back of the car up i now use a old land rover to tow am not trying scare anyone and also make sure the weight is over the wheels not at one end or a another if you have any other questions feel free to email me bulldog92@mail.com

Towing a Mobile Catering Trailer
by: David

Hi Derek,

To be honest with you, the 1.6 car is not the ideal choice to tow your catering trailer. Especially since it’s only a 1.6. size engine.Normally you would use a 4 wheel drive vehicle, van or failing this something with a bigger engine 2.3 litre+

Now I’m not saying that it won’t tow your trailer with your current vehicle but suspect that it will in the short term place a lot of strain on the engine, clutch, brakes etc.
You may get away with it, if you're pitch is close by but if you have to tow for a long distance with a fully loaded trailer+ food and drinks you may run into problems.

Make sure you get adequate breakdown cover for car and trailer, and make sure to know the combined weight of car and trailer and that you are towing within the weight requirements.

Best of luck

p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business

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