10 Tips For Your Car Boot Sale

by Simon

car boot sale selling cloths

car boot sale selling cloths

I have been selling at car boot sales for the last 4 years and would like to share my10 tips for selling at a car boot sales, so here they are in no particular order.

1, Wear comfortable clothing and have (some waterproofs) if possible with a few good pockets from carrying your personal bits and pieces.

2. Make yourself some sandwiches and a hot drink as it cost a lot to eat from the facilities on site and you will have to find someone to look after your stall if you do go to eat.

3 Check the weather reports in advance and plan accordingly as there is no point, if it’s going to rain all day.

4. Price up everything clearly with labels otherwise people will pass you by thinking the item may be out of their price range, and most people are too lazy to ask the price especially if you are busy

5. Keep smaller items near you as these can go missing very quickly while you are attending to someone else. It might also be worth placing in a glass cabinet if items are worth a few pennies.

6. Visit the car boot a week or two before you start, do a little market research this gives you an idea of prices and anything that you can do differently to attract more people, like sticking great big flag, or post or something to make you stand out.

7. Be friendly and happy this is a must, you will be surprised how many people are selling items looking so miserable and unapproachable. Remember first impressions last and are especially important if you want to make it a regular occurrence, so SMILE.

8. Try and make you stall stand out from the rest and easy to find, as most people walk around a few times and then decide to buy.

9 Carry enough change with you as you will find it difficult getting some and may have to leave you stall. Also make a note of the nearest toilets and get there early to secure the best spot on the market.

10. You will be haggled down even though your item is cheap enough already, so add a few pounds to the item before you price it up. When people ask you to knock some money for it cheaper you agree they will walk away thinking they have got a bargain.

I hope you all find my top ten points useful and if you have some of your own I’d like to hear them.



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